Landlord Insurance Comparison

Landlord insurance comparison – How homeowners insurance comparison can help me? Compare home insurance and home insurance are interrelated and essential to protect both their investments in the best way. The owner is a person who rents out the homes for other people and the advantages. So, as an owner, you have your valuables, by […]

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Business Fleet Insurance

Business fleet insurance – The fleet insurance helps many companies have a range of vehicles to save money on your policy. This type of policy is a variety of benefits for all vehicles in motion a policy to pay a premium and help your costs as low as possible. There are many companies that offer […]

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Order Form

Below are copies of the book order form. The formats available are text, and Microsoft Word 6. Please download the copy of the form for your use when ordering any of our publications. Once you have completed your form, please submit it to FAN by fax or by phone. We will accept orders via email […]

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The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Alberta

After five years of extensive field research by over 1000 volunteers, the Atlas of Breeding Birds of Alberta has emerged in beautiful, large, hard cover format This comprehensive atlas presents the current distribution, status and preferred habitat of every nesting bird species in Alberta. striking color photographs, authoritative species accounts, and detailed natural region maps […]

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Since then, our membership has grown to include 33 clubs representing over 4500 individuals. FAN’s greatest strength is its province-wide focus on natural history issues. We are the voice of Nature Alberta, keeping you up to date on provincial issues. Our quarterly publication, The Nature Alberta, contains wildlife articles of interest to all. We also […]

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Dusky Flycatcher

Dusky Flycatchers can be found in the southeast of Alberta along the foothills, mountain parks and Cypress Hills. They prefer the habitat of deciduous woods. The Dusky Flycatcher looks similar to the Hammond’s Flycatcher. The throat is whitish and the breast is gray. the bill is longer than that of the Hammond’s. The best way […]

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Cost of Teeth Whitening Products and Services in Calgary

Teeth whitening in Calgary comes in many forms and costs. If you want better smile with whiter teeth, there are different ways to do so. Most individuals are keen on finding out how much teeth whitening Calgary cost. Do they fit the budget? Are they worth the money? And so on. If you are looking […]

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Carpe Diem: How to Survive Life in Canada

Immigrants never have it easy when it comes to adjusting to a new environment with a different culture, climate and/or way of living. This holds true also if you are thinking of having a new life in Canada. It will be a challenge, as is any other first endeavors. With some research and planning, you […]

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Society of Grasslands Naturalists

The Society of Grasslands Naturalists (GN) is a regional organization that involves itself with the ecological and environmental understanding, education, projects and issues within southeastern Alberta. GN was started in 1985 by a half dozen avid naturalists who just wanted to get together and go on nature walks. The club became increasingly involved in environment […]

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Bird Identification

THE ALBERTA BIRD ATLAS PROJECT – BIRDS IDENTIFICATION Click on the following bird species for: (bird pictures, range maps, natural history descriptions, and bird song clips.)  Flycatchers  Vireos  Sparrows  Warblers  Thrushes  Wrens  Plovers  Gulls  Terns  Ducks, Geese and Swans  Grebes  Outside Links With Bird Pictures Flycatchers Willow Flycatcher Alder Flycatcher Dusky Flycatcher Hammond’s Flycatcher Yellow-bellied […]

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