Since then, our membership has grown to include 33 clubs representing over 4500 individuals. FAN’s greatest strength is its province-wide focus on natural history issues. We are the voice of Nature Alberta, keeping you up to date on provincial issues. Our quarterly publication, The Nature Alberta, contains wildlife articles of interest to all. We also market many attractive and informative books that seek to increase understanding and appreciation of nature and natural history in Alberta.


To provide a unified voice for naturalists on conservation issues.To encourage Albertans to increase knowledge and understanding of natural history and ecological processes. To organize field meetings, conferences, nature camps, research symposia and other activities.

To promote the exchange of data among clubs and societies. To promote the formation of new natural history clubs in all areas of the province.


All Albertans benefit by having access to a healthy natural environment. Increased understanding of our natural heritage will lead to increased appreciation and result in greater protection of it. All native species of animals and plants have a right to co-exist with Albertans.


Provide only programs which do not have negative impact on the natural environment.

Support only sustainable development as defined in the World Conservation Strategy.

Respect the rights of wildlife to live without unnecessary disturbance. We endorse Nature Canada’s “Code of Conduct for Birders” (Nature Canada, Fall, 1988).

Not to collect specimens on organized field trips.