The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Alberta


After five years of extensive field research by over 1000 volunteers, the Atlas of Breeding Birds of Alberta has emerged in beautiful, large, hard cover format

This comprehensive atlas presents the current distribution, status and preferred habitat of every nesting bird species in Alberta. striking color photographs, authoritative species accounts, and detailed natural region maps make the Atlas… A NEW STANDARD

Ideal for the experienced “birder” and the casual backyard bird watcher.The heart of the Atlas is comprised of province wide distribution maps that clearly show where each species breeds, throughout the different Alberta natural regions.
A historic volume, the Atlas contains unprecedented baseline information of great value to the understanding and preservation of bird diversity in Alberta.
The Atlas is a must for anyone concerned with the status of birds in Alberta.

Includes more than 250 professionally reviewed species accounts with:

Current distribution information, areas of concentration, range limits and changes from historical ranges. More than 250 full color photographs. Color province-wide maps showing natural regions, major rivers and lakes.
Breeding areas in relation to natural regions Status, population trends and protective legislation.

A valuable reference tool for consultants, interpreters, land managers, and biologists:

An explanation of Alberta natural regions including land, climate, and vegetation profiles.

A comprehensive Bibliography. History of ornithology in Alberta. Appendices include Migrants, Accidentals and Common Identification Problems.