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Alberta Butterflies

TC.D. Bird, G.J. Hilchie, N.G. Kondla, E.M. Pike, E.A.H. Sperling – Authors
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 large format; 350 pages; 530 life-size colour photographs

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The more than 350 pages incorporate twenty years of dedicated research by five Alberta Naturalists.

This is the definitive reference on the 181 species and subspecies of butterflies found in Alberta. User friendly, full colour keys are designed for quick identification of each species; 530 life-size colour photographs complement the authoritative species accounts.


Species accounts provide diagnostic identification features, life history, range and habitat, main flight period with earliest and latest collection records, ink illustrations of many larval food plants, and colour distribution maps. These maps illustrate collection localities in Alberta and ranges in North America.

Introductory Chapters Include:

  • History of butterfly collectors in Alberta
  • Butterfly gardening in Alberta
  • Butterfly collecting
  • Morphology
  • Systematics

Includes 879 colour photographs:

  • 483 life size photos showing upper and lower surfaces of each butterfly
  • 346 photos in colour keys
  • 50 photos of butterflies in their natural environment.