Alberta’s 48 IBAs and their Significance


Detailed information about each site may be viewed by clicking on the site name. Site summaries are not currently available for the following Alberta IBAs: Milk River, Suffield, Manawan Lake, Kimiwan Lake, McIntyre Ranch and Sage Creek.

Number      Site Name                                         Significance

 AB001    Beaverhill Lake  Global
 AB002    Peace-Athabasca Delta  Global
 AB003    Lesser Slave Lake PP and Region  Global
 AB004    Milk River Canyon  National
 AB006    Lakeland PP and PRA  Global
 AB007    Suffield  National
 AB011    St. Mary Reservoir  Global
 AB015    Lake Newell and Kitsim Reservoir  National
 AB016    McGregor Lake and Travers Reservoir  National
 AB022    Little Fish Lake  National
 AB024    Handhills Lake  Continental
 AB025    Dowling Lake  Continental
 AB026    Chain Lakes  Global
 AB027    Sullivan Lake  Global
 AB028    Kirkpatrick and Fitzgerald Lakes  Global
 AB030    Sounding Lake  Global
 AB032    Killarney, Dillberry and Leane Lakes  Global
 AB034    Ewing and Erskine Lakes  Global
 AB037    Wavy Lake  Global
 AB038    Bearhills Lake  Global
 AB042    Manawan Lake  Global
 AB044    Whitford and Rush Lakes  Global
 AB047    Muriel Lake  National
 AB054    Utikuma and Utikumasis Lakes  Global
 AB055    Kimiwan Lake  Global
 AB058    Cardinal Lake  Global
 AB059    Hay and Zama Lakes  Global
 AB063    McIntyre Ranch  National
 AB064    Pakowki Lake  Global
 AB065    Sage Creek  National
 AB068    Big Lake  Global
 AB070    Ministik, Joseph and Oliver Lakes  Global
 AB071    Miquelon Lake  Global
 AB075    Hays Reservoir  Global
 AB076    Cavendish Railline  National
 AB078    Eagle, Namaka and Stobart Lakes  Global
 AB079    Frank Lake (south)  Global
 AB090    Gooseberry Lake  Global
 AB097    Lac La Biche  Global
 AB100    Pelican Lake  Global
 AB107    Grande Prairie — Trumpeter Swans  Global
 AB112    Chappice Lake  Global
 AB113    Metiskow and Sunken Lakes  Global
 AB115    Frank Lake (north)  Continental
 AB116    Bellshill Lake  Global
 AB117    Shultz Lake  Global
 AB118    St. Lawrence Lake  Global
 AB119    Hansman Lake  Global